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I might be interested in doing a TGF2 game sometime, I used to make them all the time before I began flash animation.

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A new short: Thief and Robber!

Posted by RupeeClock - January 15th, 2010

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? These days I'm still animating stuff, but probably not going to animate for the clock crew again, please understand. I've been busy working on a short project for University called "Thief and Robber", restricted to 90 seconds, I made a short narrative animation with a twist.

I can't believe I actually animated ORIGINAL CHARACTERS for once, not characters other people made, but haha, wow, progress...?

Well, don't know how active i'll be, but still, hope you enjoy this short flash movie anyway.

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it made me roflmfaol

And that makes me happy. :)

Simple and cute. I lol'd (almost roflmfaol'd, but not quite). I gues I'm not used to computerized voice coming from a not-clock.

Well, can't use the same voice for two characters, lol.

the crook looks like a TMNT

Everyone's been telling me that, haha.

lol thats what i thought and rupeeclock.. your the only good clock to me ;D yo make strawberry clock look like a total terd


Hey Rupee. You're always going to be my sweetheart.

Oh sweetheart.

Haha, nice one


I guess I understand. well as long as your still making us laugh that's the main thing. Keep submiting movies and even if it doesn't have anything to do with clocks will you maybe submit a flash on clockday or will it just be every once in a while?

I doubt I'll be submitting any clockday flash.

I don't understand at all why you insist on leaving your name as rupeeclock. Why not just change it if you don't intend on returning to the crew? You say you "probably" will never go back, but what does that mean? I feel like I'm listening to The Clash. "Should I stay or should I go now!'

Well, Newgrounds doesn't let you change your username anymore, i've used this username just about everywhere, I can't really change it now.

I love you :3


Well here's hoping you submit more of anything, even if it's not clock stuff.

Simple animation
keep with your good and fun work hope that you got an A+
this animation made me LOL

I was given a mark of 84/100 for it, and at University 70/100 is considered a "first", which is top marks. :)

nice (:

This is kinda off topic, but when I watched cmaera Game & Watch flipnote at hatena, I saw someone's face @ the end. Is that you?

Yup, I made that Flipnote.

XD funny

Hi rupee,whats your msn?

I miss you bebe.

I liked that, it was nice. By the way, just out of curiosity, was that you who voiced in that?

Also, I'm still a tad confused as to what happened between you and the clock crew. May I ask what exactly happened? It's fine if you don't want to say, I was just wondering.

I still smile with SleepEasy


good one.. make more please..

This is absolutely brilliant! Detailed and exaggerated animation as always! Great script and humour as well! Your animation is always inspiring regardless whether Clock related or not!

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