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Haha, I'd never be one to shoot up everything in angst but damn I love this.
Great fluent animation, especially loved the bomb kick.

Fawx responds:

youre great please come back.

Save for Legendary Frog, great fun!

A real enjoyable experience, often well animated and funny, relevant to my interests!

I don't know what's with the drawn out pokémon porn, but I especially enjoyed the Revenge of Metaknight parts, and Tabuu's Venture Bros reference.

I only wish that Legendary Frog had no part in this animation, he still hasn't progressed with his bland character designs and bad voice acting, even worse when his contribution consisted of character complaining on a white screen. If he knows something about Marth, then why not show it?

Also nice to see Lucario get a little love for once, good job.

Just to clarify.

Sean Schemmel voiced Lucario in the pokémon movie, not in Smash Bros Brawl.
But then again, with that final smash, meh.

Some funny stuff in there, I enjoyed how smooth some of the animation was (if not all just wacky), I liked how there was real effort put into this rather than the last one which was made for kicks, I enjoyed it.

What I REALLY liked was the attack on youtube rippers, kudos.

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When turtles fly...

Love this shit, love it, you've come far RomanClock.
It plays a lot like the classic Nanaca Crash game, but offers a lot more content and much better graphics (all drawn very stylishly).
One very effective method is just to buy a jet-pack and an automatic weapon, and to shoot whilst using the jet-pack, goes without saying though.

I've encountered a few odd situations though.
1: I ended up juggling on a UFO for a good 30 seconds or though, because I ended up going the same speed as one. But the UFO eventually disappeared!
2: I somehow went through a spiked fence, stopped right afterwards though.
3: I fell from the sky so fast I was caught in the underneath of a UFO

Still, I love this game, even if it's hardly original, great job.

A fun game with a good engine, that falls short.

Immediately what comes to mind when I play this is that the engine is very good, you can hit the ball from many angles and this makes it very effective, sadly this came features many problems that take any a lot of the potential enjoyment.

1: The CPU is insanely difficult to beat, near impossible to defeat, slow it down a little perhaps? Or:

2: The small playing field, where each side of the playing field is so narrow, the ball bounces back too soon, this makes it too easy for either person to get the back ball, MAKE THIS WIDER, for the love of god.

3: The arrow at the top of the screen indicating the balls position is nowhere near as useful as it should be, the arrow is too small and unnoticeable especially since it overlaps scores. If you wanted to make it much more effective, it should be larged by default, point towards the ball (down to the ball when below, up to the ball when offscreen above) and get larger/small depending on the distance from the ball/arrow, this makes things a lot fairer.

If you could fix these problems the game would be SO much better, they shouldn't even be that hard to fix since the game is so simplistic as it is.

Because this game pisses me off to no end.

I'm writing every single answer here.

1: Four
2: No but a tin can
3: K.o
4: Click the text "The answer" above the questions.
5: Easy, move your mouse around the window.
6: Shallots
7: An elephant
8: Mouse around, look for a green tick labeled Yes!
9: Top right button
10: Teeth
11: n
12: Click the dot in the i in "Click"
13: F'taang
14: Torch
15: Type "Horse"
16: H (Seventh, get it?)
17: Click the circled 17.
18: Click the hammer.
19: BOGGY - Blue Orange Green Green Yellow
20: Seal!
21: Top left button
22: +1 skip
23: Bran
24: Click the V in Lives
25: Shoe polish
26: Arsefacey
27: Goto 28
28: Abundance (a bun dancing)
29: Egg Mayonnaise
30: Just move it normally like those other games.
31: Woof Woof Woof
32: Babycham and human faeces
33: Seven
34: Take your mouse off the screen and wait.
35: Wait for another button to click
36: A walk.
37: Of course not.
38: Mary Rose
39: Cylindrical Adventures
40: Right click for the "bridge"
41: Click the "Afro"
42: Click the 42nd number, bottom row.
43: Tom Cruise
44: Move the pieces, find a small button (or tab on your keyboard)
45: Top right button
47: Just move your mouse till you click it.
48: Snaaaake!
49: Splapp-me-do
50: O.k.
51: Just click them both a few times.
52: Carrot is the third leaf.
53: "Ma might", but pa might not.
54: No, about 20cm off the ground.
55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits.
56: Click the buttons in this order: Blue Red Blue Yellow
57: Erm...one?
58: Shepherds pie.
59: Click the shoop da wooper like mad.
60: Yes!
61: Click the thumbs up
62: Click the moss (failure to pronounce S)
63: Tasteless white filth
64: Egg>28
65: Click the word "Largest"
66: Click the exclamation mark at the end of the question (!!!)
67: A big hairy arsonist
68: Stroke the kitty.
69: lol, 69
70: Using it's anus.
71: Click when green
72: Look for a light switch
73: Top right button
74: No one knows that
75: Click "Escape" under the number 75 when it appears.
76: Click sugar, then honey, then honey.
77: Question 77
78: Four
79: Click the "u" in "What do you mean?"
80: Filthy Romanians
81: Rub the pole up and down
82: Hurry up and click each toenail.
83: National Dyslexic Association
84: It's a game, you have a chance to grab some skips here. In fact you need to grab both of them.
85: I loved it!
86: The Prince
87: In the circle 87, click the invisible dot.
88: Click sonic's leg to break it.
89: Blindness
90: Nonce
91: You can tear the paper from left to right, mouse over the first tear.
92: Click 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 25, 1, 04 (DON'T SKIP)
93: Click the bomb and drag it to reveal the next button
94: Do nothing.
95: Move cursor off screen, wait for cat to chase fly
96: A right mess
97: +10 times
98: Click the words Blue, red, blue, yellow. The colour of the text means nothing.
99: Click the sign when the lights turn green
100: two
101: Type chihuahua
102: Just another game, when a small square appears, don't touch anything.
103: Search, it's easy to find the tomato. (Or tab)
104: Click the bottom right shape, the sad yellow moon.
105: Mouse over and type Banana out of some of the letters, search for them.
106: Hard mouse game, but don't use a skip.
107: Mouse over "I am ignore u", it was say game over, don't do anything and it will continue to the next question.
108: Type in the lost numbers WITH spaces. 4 8 15 16 23 42
109: click the monkey as quickly as possible, click it poops, click the arrow in the poop.
110: This question basically requires you have kept ALL your skips, or you can't win.

And there you have it, that's how you win this absolutely fucking annoying "game", it's annoying as all hell but DAMN is it addictive and challenging, but most of the time it just doesn't have a rational answer that you can give. So yeah, you do have to play it over and over again, sometimes you'll just smile because of some of the extremely clever ones too though.

But really, I don't think you'll find a sense of accomplishment in this game, at all seeing as how it's too damn difficult to even do some of the tasks at times.

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I don't think this counts as a "Song"...

I don't see how you can call this a song, it isn't really, it's a series of...really messed up sound effects...

plutonicfluf responds:

Why isn't anyone catching the sarcasm?! Of coure is isn't a real song, lol

Hmmm... I'll make some more of these songs, they crack me up!!


if you lengthen it, tone it down a little so it doesn't shock someone when they appear at the page and fix the loop, this would make a great loop for the page.

XBrav responds:

The loop is actually fine. It's because flash in general doesn't loop mp3s too good. I posted a loopable flash version at http://www.geocities.com/romhacker88/Untitled-1.swf


This certainly is an impress piece of audio, it even inspires me to make a flash music video about salad fingers with it....

I think I might do that even once I get some better skill at flash. :D

CRISPY-D responds:

that is something i would like to see... the more salad and fingers around the tastier the treats!

I might be interested in doing a TGF2 game sometime, I used to make them all the time before I began flash animation.

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